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From the readers

[Tony Lobl, “A clean slate for victims and abusers,” Sentinel, November 26, 2018]
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Made new

I’d been made new, washed clean of beliefs and fears of mortality that had been buried in my thought.
God, infinite Mind, is communicating the understanding we need, now and forever.
It seemed that the acts of the past had defined who I was, at least to some extent.
What we need to know, God is always revealing to us. 
The creations of the eternal Spirit can never wear out their purpose.
How I Found Christian Science

The blessing of Christian Science

I used to like to go out with my friends to drink and pursue worldly pleasures, even when I was married.
I used to have not-nice dreams, and I was scared to go to sleep at night.
Testimony of Healing

Lump on wrist gone

Just before Thanksgiving 2017 I noticed a lump the size and shape of a marble on top of my wrist.
Testimony of Healing
It was early morning, and I was walking down a trail along the river near our home, when I ended up inadvertently wandering off the trail.
Testimony of Healing

Children’s healings

My five-year-old son, Camden, wasn’t feeling well one day and stayed home from school with me.

What if?

He was a stranger to our church, a stranger to Christian Science,but he’d stopped at our Reading Room and read.


Oh God, we raise our song to Thee,In praise of Thy eternity,For only with perfection trueDo we reflect the Life that’s You.
It is only God, the infinite, all-acting Spirit, who can, or ever has, moved human thought from a material to a spiritual basis of reality.
Bible Lens

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