Don’t be fooled by matter’s illusion

On the route I used to take to work every day, building and landscaping projects were frequent, so it was not unusual to see construction vehicles along the way, a lane blocked, or sometimes even a road closure. On one occasion, after making a turn, I could see traffic cones up ahead that appeared to be blocking the way. My first reaction was an exasperated “What now?” 

But as I got closer, I could clearly see that the road was not blocked at all, and what had at first seemed like traffic cones turned out to be a blooming bougainvillea bush that ran along a fence where the road curved. I was certainly relieved to realize my mistake, and it even made me laugh. You might say I had become conditioned through experience to see what I believed, but the truth turned out to be much different.

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May 22, 2017

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