Growth on leg healed

For over a year I had a growth on my lower leg. I did not pay much attention to it at first, figuring that it would go away, but as it grew larger I became more concerned. 

As I considered what needed to be addressed, I realized that I’d had an increasing concern about a person at my workplace who I felt was rude and belittling. This person started making daily comments that hurt my feelings and made me question my self-worth. I had allowed unpleasant thoughts to grow in my thought about both of us. It was obvious that my view of myself needed to be transformed, and I needed to affirm that my identity was as God’s child and could not be affected by this person’s obnoxious comments. I also needed to see that this individual was actually created by God, too. 

All I wanted was for this growth to go away, but it seemed so opaque. I couldn’t imagine how it was going to be healed. I read a number of healings on I found that many healings of similar problems were about thought being transformed about oneself and others. I had my work cut out for me. But by reading others’ healings, I gained confidence that I could be healed, too. 

Testimony of Healing
Grateful for God’s tender care
December 18, 2017

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