God—‘something’ or all-presence?

A conventional way of thinking of God is something like this: There is human existence, with all the aspects with which everyone is familiar. We know that there are people and cities, salaries and gross national products, lichens and poplars, planets and stars. And yes, there may or may not be God. But that God would be one more “thing,” a divine Being somewhere.

But have you ever considered that God might actually be the only true presence—in fact, all that is and could be present—omnipresent Love and intelligence? What if God was so infinite that there could be nothing in addition to God, but everything that existed did so as the expression of God, at one with Him, Her? What would change for us if we understood life not as part of a physical, cosmic development, organic and mortal, but as the spiritual reflection of the one living, dynamic, divine Life that is ever fresh and eternal?

Immunity from conspiracy
December 18, 2017

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