Shake off the dust!

After I give our dog a bath, he shakes vigorously. This gets the water off much more effectively than my rubbing him with a towel. He doesn’t wait to decide whether he needs to shake or not; his response is immediate. Shaking off water is instinctive for him, an essential element of his nature. 

One day I started to feel shooting pain in my shoulder. I thought it would just go away, but it continued to get worse as the day went on, to the point where I could not raise my arm. I turned to God in prayer. Perhaps because I had recently given our dog a bath, this passage from the Bible came to my thought: “Shake thyself from the dust” (Isaiah 52:2). To shake means to free yourself from something. What did I need to free myself from? Dust—the belief that I am material rather than spiritual, as stated in Genesis, chapter 1. 

Dominion over adverse conditions
August 29, 2016

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