Wrenched knee healed

One afternoon several years ago, as I was carrying a box of newspapers out to the garage to be recycled, I stumbled on our back porch steps. As I fell, my knee twisted in an unnatural manner, and I immediately felt pain. Two years previous to this, I had experienced a similar situation with my knee when I slipped off a stool that I had been standing on. With the help of the prayers of a Christian Science practitioner, my knee had been completely healed. 

Remembering this healing, I immediately began to claim my freedom from the belief that man, as God’s child, could be subject to accidents. However, I was quite fearful about a number of things: that this situation would take a long time to be healed; that I would not be able to do all the things I needed to do; but most of all, that somehow falling and wrenching my knee was something that would keep happening to me and that I would always have to be cautious with my movements. 

Testimony of Healing
Healed of panic attacks
February 22, 2016

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