Love is what’s real

One morning I got up to get ready for school but didn’t feel well. It was going to be an art day, and I like art a lot. I watched my brother and sister go outside and get on the school bus. I wished I could go with them. Instead, my dad helped me into my room.

While I was in my room I did my homework and also thought about a healing my Sunday School teacher told us. She had a headache one day and knew it was just bad thoughts, or “error,” trying to make her think God, Love, wasn’t with her. She knew she could pray and lift her thinking above the error, so the error would disappear. Instead of saying the day was ruined because she was feeling bad, she felt her thoughts being lifted up, up, up, to God’s love. She was healed. 

Bible Lens
Bible Lens—May 18–24, 2015
May 18, 2015

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