Christian Science healing—more than just health care

An intriguing question was raised: “Is Christian Science a health-care system?” While acknowledging that physical healing results from Christianly scientific prayer, I was unwilling to answer a straight “yes.” For me to convey that Christian Science is merely a health-care system would have been misleading and incorrect. Christ Jesus didn’t heal simply to provide an alternative health-care system for the world. He presented a radically different view of reality. He acknowledged his unity with his Father, God, and that the healing works he did were solely the outcome of his divine understanding of that relationship to God.

The Bible has numerous references to God as Spirit, and to God as all. Based on these foundational biblical truths, Christian Science concludes that all is spiritual. Christian Science reveals the divine reality, which lifts us out of the material picture mentally, and thus changes the human evidence.

‘The only true ambition’*
May 18, 2015

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