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The one true power

We can tell suggestions that there is a better way than to look to God, “Get thee hence.”

The divine link

Prayer by prayer, healing by healing, we can contribute to the removal of the chains that bind mankind.
Christian Science reveals the divine reality, which lifts us out of the material picture mentally, and thus changes the human evidence.
A fitness for service revealsa willing spiritual inclinationto dispense good to others,
Primary Class Instruction

Bringing fresh authority to prayer

I grew up attending Sunday School, and Christian Science was part of my life.

Love is what’s real

One morning I got up to get ready for school but didn’t feel well.
Bible Lens
Testimony of Healing

My horse walked normally again

I used to live out in the country, and when I turned 16, I got a horse, a mare.
Testimony of Healing

No evidence of the burn

Words cannot begin to express my gratitude to our dear Father-Mother for Christian Science and its healing power.
Testimony of Healing

Walking ‘in the Spirit’

Everyone smiled when I brought in the Boston cream pie I had made for dessert recently.
Testimony of Healing

A quick return to school

Many years ago, as a young mother new to Christian Science, I was first learning to demonstrate the laws of God, and there were many lessons as I raised my children.
Articles (Continued)
Nothing can separate man from the love of God, and nothing can separate him from the manifestation of that love.
This Science of true being is pouring out the wonder and newness of the God who is All, and who fills His creation with a spiritual joy that never ends.

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