Deep listening showed me the way

Christian Science came into my family through both of my grandmothers. Once, during a visit to a busy town in the Netherlands, one of my grandmothers and I were separated from the rest of the family. I remember how I, as a 9-year-old, very resolutely determined the direction to go in order to find the others. After finding them, my grandmother declared that I was a good “listener.” By that she meant I had been able to discern God’s caring presence and follow Him. That sounded like a wonderful compliment to me, and I strove to cultivate this ability to listen as I grew up.

Later, I realized that this kind of listening is the discernment of the Christ-message that comes to my consciousness from God. It was not coming in the form of any advice telling me: “Turn right, then left, and after that straight ahead.” Rather, the Christ was conveying an absolute calm assurance to me that I was on the right path, always in the presence of the Divine.

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July 8, 2013

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