Back and arm pain healed

In much of American society, the word sin is uninviting, and talking about it is certainly a faux pas. Yet healing sin is imperative to spiritual progress, and an attitude of indifference toward those lingering qualities of thought that constitute sin will never help us grow in understanding our relationship to God.

Sin is commonly thought of as breaking a moral law such as by stealing, cheating, or indulging in sensual pleasures. And while these things are certainly to be included in the definition of sin, subtler traits such as jealousy, envy, unforgiving temper, and even ego exhibit sin. If we see sin to be the erroneous thoughts that tempt us to see ourselves as separate from God, we open our thought to gaining a clearer consciousness of the allness of God and the majesty of His love.

Testimony of Healing
Sore throat 'dismissed'
July 8, 2013

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