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The May 27 Sentinel is so full of golden inspirations that met needs for me and invigorated my outlook.

Abandoning apathy

Life would be an appropriate synonym to pray with when dealing with indifference, numbness, acedia.

A shift at the office

This was a case of Spirit itself bearing witness to the truth, and I was healed of my fear and anxiety on the spot.

Decisions, decisions

We will find the path ahead illuminated by "trail signs" directing us onward.
I prayed daily to see universal love unite us all in bonds of love that extended beyond Muslim or Christian brotherhood.
Spiritual Lens

Blessing showers

“there shall be showers of blessing”<a class="tome-reference" href="https&#x3A;&#x2F;&#x2F;login.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

Sacrifice and humility

Often prayer comes to us when we’re on bended knee: “Help me,” “Show me,” “Forgive me.
You Can Be a Healer
Christian Science came into my family through both of my grandmothers.
Items of Interest
On July 9, the world’s one billion Muslims will begin to celebrate Ramadan, which many think of as the holiest holiday in Islam.

You are very important

Have you ever thought people were too busy to pay attention to you?
Testimony of Healing

A perfect heart

Over a year ago, my husband and I lost our employer-backed health insurance and had to find our own.
Testimony of Healing

Stopping contagion

In April 2011, my husband and his brother went to Greece for an eight-day vacation.
Testimony of Healing

Back and arm pain healed

In much of American society, the word sin is uninviting, and talking about it is certainly a faux pas.
Testimony of Healing

Sore throat 'dismissed'

I was working in my office in the basement of our home when our then five-year-old son entered the room and said: “I have a sore throat.
Testimony of Healing

Growth on hand gone

This experience happened several years ago, but I’m still learning from it.
From the Editors

See the 'halo'

It is natural to wear a soft glow of joy as you are reflecting only the divine nature.

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