Prayer heals pet's broken hip

Not too long ago, I had an opportunity to put spiritual ideas into practice when Gidget, my Chihuahua puppy, began to walk on only three legs. Her back leg was often hiked up. I didn’t see this as an occasion for fear since I knew the spiritual solution was at hand. Through Christian Science treatment, I gained confidence that perfection was the only reality.

About this time, I took the dog to be spayed. The vet noticed the issue with her leg and recommended an X-ray be taken. I told him I’d consider it and left. Shortly thereafter, I saw that Gidget’s unused leg was looking limp, while the other leg was strong and becoming stronger. After a friend made a comment about it, it felt right to have the X-ray taken. The vet informed me that Gidget had a broken hip, as well as cancer or arthritis (further tests would be needed to determine which) around the bone. He told me she would spend the rest of her life unable to walk. Surgery was recommended, although the outcome was unknown. The vet was kind and caring, and I thanked him and said I’d think about how to proceed.

Testimony of Healing
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February 4, 2013

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