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Prayer that heals trauma

Prayer turns us away from fatalistic resignation, or acceptance of the oppressive condition as grim reality.

Your Parent loves you

Prayer to see God as Father and Mother heals.

Peace as a river

I knew that this powerful peace could strengthen and ease the hearts of all in harm’s way.
I saw the 91st Psalm's central place in Christian Science.

Garments of praise

We were satisfied only with perfect cutting and perfect stitching.
This past fall, I organized a food sale table on Central Park West outside our apartment building with our kids—Alexander, Claudia, Ricky, and Timothy.
Spiritual Lens
“This is what we’re going to write today,Dear child, so listen very carefully, because I AMWill show you just the thoughts and syntax,Even the punctuation for pauses and movement.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

Every breath we take

This week’s Bible Lesson, titled “Spirit,” begins, “The Spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty gives me life”.
Bible Translations: Old & New

Grazing through the Bible

The King James Version of the Bible with its beautiful prose and poetry is much loved by many readers, including me.
Items of Interest
China, a country with a population of 1.
I was at my school participating in a dance performance for Colonial Day in front of the whole school.
Testimony of Healing

Damaged lungs restored

Some time ago, I developed a cough that lasted for a few months and became aggravated.
Testimony of Healing
Not too long ago, I had an opportunity to put spiritual ideas into practice when Gidget, my Chihuahua puppy, began to walk on only three legs.
Testimony of Healing

Symptoms of heart condition healed

A little over ten years ago, I had several physical problems come up in the few months before Christmas.
Testimony of Healing

Release from suffering

In 1997, I changed careers.
From the Editors

Intelligent man

Nothing of God's doing—and God's doings are always benign—goes unnoticed by Him.

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