Healing and spiritual awakening

When I was a freshman in college, I went to a Wild West themed party where they had a mechanically operated rodeo bull. You are strapped to the bull with only a rope to hold onto, and then flung around harder and harder until you can’t hold on any more. When it was my turn to ride, I was pretty excited because I’d never ridden one before! After the first big buck, however, I felt my hand bend under the rope, and before I could yank my hand away, I felt it snap. I fell off the bull, dazed, and chose to quietly walk away in order to not attract any attention, and to settle my thought. 

I’d been raised in Christian Science, and I was accustomed to praying for healing of physical challenges, including injuries. I knew prayer could help, but was God’s presence really at a rowdy college party like this? Had I separated myself from God by attending this event? I felt pretty stupid about letting myself get into this situation, and I wasn’t sure what I should do. When I arrived back at the dorm I called my mom, telling her what had happened. I was trying to calm down, but the pain had started to get worse at this point, and I was panicking. My mother could hear how worried I was and told me it was perfectly fine to go to the hospital if I felt that was right. I had a choice. My roommate offered to drive me, and I accepted. 

Testimony of Healing
Our family: under the Father-Mother's care
September 10, 2012

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