Crop it and go wide

As I was looking at a picture I took of one of my favorite little subjects, a four pound Yorkie, it was so clear that the gem of the photo was the subtlety of joy in the expression. The delightful twinkle in his wide-open eyes was brilliant and his posture was beaming with alertness and an expectation of good (which was probably from eyeing the cookie I had in my hand while taking the photo). Because I know my subject well, I was able to see the joy right away. I then zoomed out and looked at the picture as a whole with all the background objects and colors, and the dear expression was lost.

I became very grateful for my ability to mentally and physically zoom into the precious expression of joy in that little furry face and to magnify it and to crop the picture so the surroundings were no longer present. Once cropped, it was fun to see that now I could make the endearing expression as large as I wanted, thanks to my computer. 

The contentment of forgiveness*
October 22, 2012

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