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In the quiet prayerfulness of the early morning hours, I opened to Cindy Roemer’s article, “The world needs you” in the September 3 Sentinel [“Worthy, needed, loved”].

The center point

Almost 35 years ago, Bunny McBride wrote a poem for The Christian Science Journal (April 1978) in which she spoke of spiritual intuition as that center point
which sees
harmony so inevitable,
discord so impossible.
Letting God mold and develop our thoughts and actions is deeply healing.

The divine details

God steered her toward new beginnings.

Angel thoughts that guide us

Read several examples of angels on the scene.

Divinely impelled?

Clear instructions. We can count on God to give them.

Moving in harmony

God puts every piece of our journey in place.

Crop it and go wide

As I was looking at a picture I took of one of my favorite little subjects, a four pound Yorkie, it was so clear that the gem of the photo was the subtlety of joy in the expression.
There’s never a reasonto take offense.
The effectiveness of spiritual defense.
When his dog was injured, he relied on ideas gained from this study project.
The Touch of Class

Thoughts about association day

After an individual has had class instruction, he or she attends a yearly association meeting, which is made up of all the pupils taught by that particular teacher of Christian Science.
The Touch of Class

She let out a hearty laugh

When I decided to take class instruction, I began praying about whom my teacher should be.
Church Alive
“Lecture” is an interesting word.


Answers are revealed about where to safely continue ballet studies.
A capture the flag game...and healing!
Sentinel Watch

Prayer that transcends politics

When passionate politics seem to reign and emotions are running high, can prayer bring peace?
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

God forgives and heals

Jesus' successful healing practice rested on the fact that he saw only the sinless man that God made.
Items of Interest

The call for culture

On the evening of September 20, many friends of the Library, staff, and interested people from the Boston community gathered in the Hall of Ideas and its adjacent Quotes Cafe to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the opening of The Mary Baker Eddy Library for the Betterment of Humanity.
Items of Interest
Following are excerpts from a statement issued by the Islamic Society of North America on the anti-Muslim video and attacks on American consulates.
Testimony of Healing
One Sunday morning when I was driving to church, a car suddenly came speeding toward me as I was making a left turn.
Testimony of Healing
My family came into Christian Science when I was 12.
Testimony of Healing
My parents were devoted students of Christian Science, and I was blessed to be brought up in a home where the teachings of this religion were practiced.
From the Editors
Add tenderness, love, and grace to the mix and you have a government that functions with ease and joy.

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