Home away from home

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Last summer, I spent seven weeks away from home, stopping back at home only for a couple of days in between trips. The summer was tough, but a great growing experience for me—I learned many spiritual lessons, and I got a better idea of what “home” really means.

For the first two weeks of travel, I was on a trip with my National Leadership Council (NLC) class. The NLC is a program for Christian Science teens that runs through all four years of high school. Every summer each NLC class goes on a different trip. This summer was my class’s adventure trip, and we went sailing and whitewater rafting in California.

I couldn’t wait to go to California, especially because my NLC classmates and I had worked so hard to help plan the trip. But even with all of the excitement, I kept worrying about flying across the country alone (I live in Florida). I had never done that before, and on top of that, it wasn’t a direct flight—I had a plane change in a big airport. The nervousness took away from my anticipation and excitement about the trip and about seeing some of my best friends.

You are what you think
October 1, 2012

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