A church-related healing

Many years ago, I was working full time and taking some college courses. I was rushing to get some work completed one day so that I could go home to study for a final exam to be held the next morning. In my hurry, I stumbled on a few stairs and slightly twisted my ankle. I brushed aside the thought that I could be hurt, continued my tasks, and went home. When I arrived, I received a call from a friend from out of state, who was very upset about some church issues. His remarks made me very agitated, and I began to feel judgment and condemnation about church. 

When I hung up the phone, my foot was suddenly in extreme pain and swollen up like a balloon. I could not put any pressure on it. I immediately called a Christian Science practitioner to ask for support, explaining how I had much studying to do for my final exam and that I had to walk up three long flights of stairs to the classroom the next morning. The practitioner was very loving and got busy praying for me, but the pain would not let up, and I could not concentrate on my studying. So I called her again. This time I felt a sense of calm come over me, and I was able to study and confidently go to sleep at a normal hour. 

Testimony of Healing
Cuts from car crash healed without a trace
October 1, 2012

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