Proof that God exists

“There really is a God!” squealed my friend as a smile broke out across her face and she clapped her hands. A number of events had come together in a beautiful way after quite a long time of little progress. Probably it isn’t unusual for any of us to feel the way she did when we’ve been praying and we find good coming into our lives.

For many people, the reality of God is vividly awakened when some positive change takes place—especially when the change is in sharp contrast with something that has challenged us. One fellow, for example, was rock climbing. He got into a precarious position. The danger seemed very real until he remembered the Bible verse about moving mountains (see Mark 11:23 ). As his fingers lost their grip, a footing suddenly appeared that simply hadn’t been there. He knew at that moment there truly was a God. A woman who had been in an accident was rushed to the hospital, where X-rays showed a fractured bone and other damage. A quick healing through Christian Science treatment led her husband back to the original hospital X-rays that no longer showed the fracture, although the written medical records describing them had not changed. Do you think she had proof there is a God?

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October 1, 2012

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