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Thank you for the August 27 issue, “Balance.

God does exist!

There’s nothing quite like having solid proof that God exists.

Proof that God exists

God is proving to me that He does exist.
An addict was pulled back from the brink by God’s love.
God even speaks to those who have hurt others, or are thinking about doing so.

Changing windowpanes

A children’s story inspires fresh thinking.
Feeling run-down? The Christian Science Bible Lesson brings renewed energy.
An author’s prayers lead her to find the right place at work.
She felt called to pray for a homeless man and developed more compassion.

Home away from home

Four healings during summer travels.

You are what you think

Gratitude and trust are so powerful.
The Touch of Class
This education has been the absolute core and foundation of everything I’ve done since.
Sentinel Watch
Whether a life is long-lived or short, the value of the individual’s contribution stands as an eternal blessing.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

Answers to a key question

Mankind’s concept of forgiveness has developed and progressed over the millennia.
Church Alive

To pass by...or not

Items of Interest
In the months leading up to the [United States] Supreme Court’s decision regarding the Affordable Care Act.
Items of Interest
After the movie theater   massacre in Aurora, Colorado, and a deadly shooting at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, Americans are divided on gun control, and within certain religious groups, attitudes are far from ambivalent.
Testimony of Healing
I first heard of Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science in an “alternative religions” class during my tenure in seminary.
Testimony of Healing

A church-related healing

Many years ago, I was working full time and taking some college courses.
Testimony of Healing
One day when I was a teenager, and a new driver, I was driving my dad’s old station wagon with my younger brother in the passenger seat.
From the Editors
To Jesus, God was not an abstract concept or a distant relative. He was (and is) a present power.

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