Answers to a key question

For the lesson titled "Are Sin, Disease, and Death Real?" from October 1-7, 2012

The question in this week’s Bible Lesson, titled “Are Sin, Disease, and Death Real?” challenges us all. We are helped to answer “No!” using forgiveness and compassion. Understanding God’s allness, we have authority to dismiss temptations to believe there is reality in sin, disease, or death. Jesus’ examples, forgiving the woman taken in adultery, forgiving and healing the palsied man, and raising Lazarus, point the way.

Mankind’s concept of forgiveness has developed and progressed over the millennia. Before the Torah, a perceived slight against a family member could start a blood feud against the accused’s family, with many lives lost on both sides. “An eye for an eye” and the law allowing for those caught in adultery to be stoned, were actually limitations on the amount of retribution possible (see Exodus 21:22–25 , Leviticus 24:17–22 ). You could no longer kill entire families, just those directly involved.

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October 1, 2012

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