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WOW! I just read Shirley Paulson’s article, “The power of ‘faith as a grain of mustard seed,’ ” in the February 21 issue.


This issue of the Sentinel happens to be dated July 4, which is Independence Day in the United States.
Items of interest
Atop the tiny, white-columned 1842 church where Glen Likens was baptized, where he married his wife, where their children were baptized, where they still worship on Sundays, the steeple is rotting.
Items of interest
National Back To Church Sunday, a cross-denominational movement to reverse declining church attendance and encourage everyone to revisit congregational life, will be celebrated September 18 across the [United States].
Sentinel Watch
Affirming God’s dominion neutralizes discouragement, fear, and helplessness while restoring stability, hope, and peace to our thought.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

A humbling experience

Jesus’ entire life was a model of humility—from the manger to the cross. 
You Can Be a Healer

To witness God's care

No matter what material viewpoint seems to be present in the sickroom, the Christ—our constant advocate—silences those false voices. 
Christian Science impels us to keep our lives in sync with God.

Our infinite value

A spiritual understanding, allows us to feel loved and uplifted.

Admission of new members

Once again, I have the happy privilege of writing you to share news of today’s [June 6] admission of new members.
In the News–A Spiritual Perspective

Peace in the Middle East: What your prayers can do

As the Middle East and nearby regions undergo great change, prayers will make a difference.
The liberty that God gives can never be taken away.

Never separated from God

This writer experiences healing of back pain and a digestive difficulty.
Christ Jesus' prayer offers fresh inspiration and spiritual depth.
God's infinite love brings release from an abusive past and physical healing.
Bethesda one man waited patiently for an angel to touch the waters with Love.

Prayer about pain

A Sentinel Web chat with Caryl Farkas, a Christian Science teacher and practitioner.
A girl shares how much she loves God.
A boy shares how much he loves God.
Church Alive

Your questions about Church

Testimony of Healing
Over the years, from time to time, my left knee gave me a range of pain from a little to a lot.
Testimony of Healing
I have always enjoyed good eyesight, but a couple of years ago I found it increasingly difficult to see.
Testimony of Healing
Years ago, I was preparing for a car trip to meet my mother and sister in Canada.
From the Editors

To defeat dementia

Each spiritual truth lets in the light. The right resolve to remain active and alert comes into focus.

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