The 23rd Psalm: a help with school tests

The Lord is my Teacher. I shall not want, fear, or worry. God, You make me remain calm. You lead me to see the truth.You restore my trust in You. You lead me to know there is only one Mind.Even if I forget things that I’ve learned, I will fear no limitation, because You are guiding me to study the right things.Your divine ideas lead me to pick the correct answers. Your still, small voice comforts meYou prepare the right mind-set for me when I encounter the enemy that tells me I lack resources or time.You anoint my head with knowledge. My true identity is abundantly spilling over.Surely a peaceful state of mind will follow me through every seemingly difficult task. And I will dwell in the all-knowing house of the Lord all the time.

What Would You Do?
What would you do?
June 20, 2011

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