Mountain thoughts

(Perched on a rock 8,000 feet up, at the base of towering Dolomite crags in Italy)

I watch . . .         as mountain climbers—booted and equipped—head               (treading carefully) toward even greater heights,                      rising above any would-be fear, trusting their safety                             to fixed rules and the skill of trained leaders;as trainee hang-gliders—harnessed and helmeted— receive instruction, before making that first run and        daring leap of faith, launching off into space.              Suspended from colorful kites, they float and glide,                      finding confidence                                in obedience to learned principles;as alpine choughs—winged and feathered—flirt with the cool air,         wheeling, soaring, tumbling, turning,                   and rising again to ethereal heights.Natural aerial acrobats, they know nothing of fear to be overcome,         no hesitation, caution, or training—                 but joyous reveling in their rightful domain.As for me, I watch in wonder,         appreciating the God-given dominion expressed by all.And I find myself soaring mentally,         rejoicing that all movement is               in accord with the divine Principle, Love,   eternally governing, guiding, and lifting each fledgling idea           to infinite heights of fearless joy,                   to perfect safety                       on the Rock.

                              —Anne Daly

Testimony of Healing
Prayer heals facial growth
February 7, 2011

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