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“Fear not little flop,” spoken by a three-year-old to her mother who had just moaned, “I’m a flop! I’m a flop!” delighted and greatly encouraged me, as well as those with whom I have shared this anecdote [December 27 issue].

Lifting weights

Let’s start with some news.
Items of Interest
“Daily Bible reading is a healthy habit for growing Christians,” said Dr.
Items of Interest
Just across from the Gephardt Institute for Public Service at Washington University [in St.
Sentinel Watch
Prayer, affirming God’s tender love and all-encompassing care for flood victims, will support those who have been affected. 
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson
This week’s Bible Lesson, titled “Soul,” praises God’s creation as unconditionally bountiful.
How I Found Christian Science

From skeptic to believer

Imagine a skeptic like me going to all this trouble, only to find Christian Science — “the pearl of great price.”
Church Alive

Progress through Church

I had to prayerfully deal with resistance to progress, because progress appears to bring more work for everyone. 
There's a spiritual solution to the problem of having "too much to do."
Church Alive
A neighbor maintains bird feeders in back of our condo.

Prayer on the starting block

Prayer enables this competitive swimmer to find healing and freedom.

The grace that lifts our burdens

It's good to remember it's not for us to force the flow of grace in our lives.

God ‘carries the load’

Healing comes when we humbly allow God to dissolve life's burdens.

Smile with your soul

Tell the truth, and stand by it.
— Gabriel Okara

Love waits to bless

I was living on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, when a change in circumstances found me underemployed while caring for myself and my nine-year-old daughter.

God’s love heals

After turning his heart to God's infinite love, this author experienced healing of back pain and relationship problems.

Church bulletin bloopers

The Fasting & Prayer Conference includes meals.
Excerpt from the blog of the Committee On Publication.

Mountain thoughts

I watch.
Testimony of Healing
As I was working in my yard, a few years ago in the spring, I accidentally scraped the side of the bridge of my nose and removed what looked like the first couple of layers of skin.
Testimony of Healing

Hearing restored

Decades ago, I noticed quite a loss of hearing in my left ear.
Testimony of Healing

Leg pain healed

Early in 2008, I found I was sometimes unable to walk without intense pain in one of my legs.
From the Editors
God, the Soul of all, is the divine basis for seeing abundance right where others might see only scarcity. 

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