HAVING "FOUND GOD" IN MY LATE 20s, I began an unquenchable search for a closer understanding of Him. I became a United Methodist lay minister, serving a church in rural Illinois, and grew to love the congregation. In fact, I still have friends from there. Also, I was invited to guest speak at many churches. It was a real privilege to meet brethren on so many fronts and to share the love of Christ, Still, I felt deep down that there must be more. I began attending different churches as well as smaller gatherings of Christian men and women, spurred on by hopes that I would find comfort for the deeper spiritual needs I had. And I desperately wanted to help others who were searching. There were so many unanswered questions stored up within me.

One evening I was invited to join a small Christian group of men and women meeting in a storefront in a very small town. These people were accustomed to "laying hands" on those who desired healing, and praying for them in the name of Jesus. A lady had one leg that was considerably shorter than the other and consented to being prayed for by the group. She sat in a straightback chair and placed her legs on another chair in front of her. There was considerable praying, speaking in tongues, and the laying on of hands. I was about as close as one could get when I actually saw her leg adjust and "grow" before my eyes. But at that same moment, the lady's eyes met mine, and it was as if we were carrying on a conversation, only without words. I sensed she may have felt that although this was a "cure," there was not any assurance of permanency in healing through blind faith. And my thought was: What would prevent a reversal of what had happened? Although I can't speak for the lady, I felt that there was nothing authentic about this. There was no divine authority reflected—nothing which was based on any fixed principle.

Patience with the contractor
July 12, 2010

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