Mountaintop Views

My husband, Ned, and I had recently experienced a few days of hiking in Zion National Park in Utah. We loved this new activity. It made us feel close to God and the great outdoors. So, this summer, we decided to go on a new adventure in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and spend the night in a hut.

We set off with our backpacks, on a hot 90+ degree weekend. I had heard stories about some trails being hard to follow and unusually challenging, but since we'd hiked so much in Utah, I wasn't really worried.

But sometime during the hike, I found myself feeling a little uncomfortable. My mind drifted, and I wondered whether the weight of the backpack was too much for me, or was it the oppressive heat without a leaf stirring. I really wanted to hike with Ned, who was cheering me on all the way. As it became more difficult, doubts about how much longer it might take and fear of the unknown route up to the top started creeping in. I sat down and voiced my concern. My husband embraced me with the gentle kindness and reassurance that God naturally reflects through humanity, and assured me that we could always turn back at any time and that he was happy to lighten the load by carrying some more of our gear.

December 6, 2010

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