MILLENNIA AGO descendants of Abraham crossed the Jordan River as they emigrated to the Promised Land. Today, modern-day émigrés continue to push toward their own desired "promised lands," driven by political unrest and economic failures. Thus immigration issues are at the top of the agenda in many countries throughout the world. Zimbabweans are crossing the Limpopo River, desperately seeking food and work in South Africa. Young Iraqis fleeing violence and economic disruption traverse a continent and a sea to find refuge in Sweden. Mexicans cross the Rio Grande and Arizona's southern desert to seek work in the fields, factories, and restaurants of El Norte.

In a parallel migration, Americans and Canadians also are crossing the Rio Grande southbound, to expand businesses, populate art colonies, and buy retirement homes. Britons are crossing the English Channel for new homes in Europe's southern rim, while newcomers from Africa, the Middle East, and Asia are changing the social landscape in European Community countries.

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July 23, 2007

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