I forgave my horse

At camp two years ago, I was doing horseback riding. We took the horses on a three-day trip. One day, I was taking my horse, Mesa, to the stream so that he could get a drink. Mesa was walking behind me. I turned around slightly to make sure that he wasn't lagging too far behind. He wasn't. In fact, Mesa was just behind me. And he didn't stop walking—he stepped on my foot! It hurt a lot, and at first I was a little upset. But then I whispered into his coat, "I forgive you; it wasn't your fault."

I started thinking that I was God's child, and that Mesa was God's creation, too—His steed. And no harm could come to or be caused by something God had created. After I spent a few minutes praying this way, my foot felt much better.

I like the idea of having God as my Parent. For the rest of the day, I kept reminding myself that I was as perfect as my infinite Parent is. Soon my foot was totally healed.

Shannon Naylor
Arcadia, California

Sometimes I call myself Jungle Jordan
March 27, 2006

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