A few years ago holograms, or "magigrams," were popular, at least in our family! If you aren't familiar with them, they're pictures that first appear to be two-dimensional, but within the picture (a design or landscape, for instance) emerges a "hidden" three-dimensional image. The eye has to pierce through the obvious picture, refocus and concentrate, in order to extract a subtler image. It was a fun family activity for a while, but eventually we lost interest in discovering a snarling tiger in what initially appeared to be a picture of leafy trees.

There is another kind of discovery that keeps our interest, though, and it's the ongoing desire to see God better. This, too, requires a shift in focus and a consecrated effort to look beyond appearances, namely, that everything is material, to a deeper truth—that all reality is actually spiritual and entirely good.

'roll camera! take 2!'
July 4, 2005

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