Progress and healing—God's law

In the fall of my sophomore year in high school, I joined the cross-country team. It was a new activity for me, as I had never run before. Along with the challenges of being a first-time runner, I immediately began having problems with my knees. When it became too painful to continue running, I knew that for me it was time to address the situation with prayer.

I asked a Christian Science practitioner to pray with me, and immediately my thoughts about running began to change. She helped me transform my view of running from a mere act of physical toil to an uplifted, spiritual experience. Challenging myself to break through self-imposed physical limits didn't have to be a painful process. In fact, it didn't amount to physical struggle at all. I saw that it was natural for me to express strength, energy, and freedom because they are all qualities of God that I include as His reflection. They're mental qualities, not subject to material conditions. I was beginning to get past thinking of bodily structure strictly in physical terms. For example, I loved reasoning with the idea of legs as representing foundation, and knees as flexibility. I saw that these functions, rooted in spiritual reality, are always under God's control.

January 3, 2005

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