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A pilot learns from his 'spiritual instruments'

While at a military flight-training course in New Mexico last February, I became very ill. My digestive tract shut down, and I came down with a high fever and chills. It felt as though there were a brick in my intestines, and I couldn't go to the bathroom. There was also swelling in my abdomen that made it difficult to walk. I was afraid there was something awful going on inside me, and that maybe it was. triggered by some bad whipping cream I'd eaten.

As I sometimes do when I have a condition that needs to be treated, I called a Christian Science practitioner for help through prayer. Based on the physical healings I've had in the past, I felt this was the most effective treatment. I knew that there is one infinite God, who is only good, and that I needed to begin listening to what He was telling me about my state of being, and not to what my five senses were saying about it. And I knew the practitioner's prayers would support me in this.

Testimony of Healing
'I never doubted that I would be completely healed'
August 9, 2004

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