I find strength in unity

I AM ORIGINALLY FROM JAMAICA, where I lived with my grandmother, aunt, and uncle-in-law. When I was a little girl, they would take me to an evangelical Sunday School. I had many questions about what was taught there. The idea of an unjust God pouring out fire and brimstone did not make sense to me. I felt in my heart that God is Love, nothing but Love.

I used to listen to the radio, and one day, I came across a Christian Science program, something I had never heard before. I loved what I was hearing! I would come home every Sunday from church and listen to the Christian Science radio program in secret. I would go into the living room, quietly turn on the radio, hide under the table, and listen to every word. As I got older, I became more outspoken about questioning the theology that my family had adopted. But another 25 years went by before I came into contact with Christian Science again.

Paralyzed with fear?
August 9, 2004

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