Prayer heals the effects of a mugging

I suddenly found myself lying face down on a busy city sidewalk. Two young men had run up behind me, intent on grabbing my purse. One struck me on the shoulder and knocked me down, while the other tried to snatch my purse. I held on to it tightly. They were not able to grab the purse, but as I clutched the strap, I was pulled several feet along the sidewalk. Realizing their defeat, they ran off.

It was all so quick—it was hard to believe what had happened. People emerged from shops, offering to help. The friend with whom I'd just had dinner, a Christian Science practitioner, calmly thanked everyone for their concern, and told them I was all right. When I heard her, I thought at first, "I'm not so sure . . . ." My glasses were knocked off, and my face was flat against the concrete. But because my friend was a healer, I knew she had gone started to pray right away. I knew that with a lifetime of proving the healing power of Christian Science, she was seeing me right then as God's child—perfect, unfallen, unhurt.

Testimony of Healing
A satisfying approach to physical fitness
December 29, 2003

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