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No musical chairs

One of the only contests I've ever won was when I was seven years old.


Your editorial "Who owns the land?
items of interest

items of interest

"Though MANY RELIGIOUS movements have come and gone throughout history, some sort of spirituality seems to be part of human nature.
Beyond human rights, God has given each individual the comfort and assurance of truly belonging, through the prayerful activity of spiritual self-identification.

6 stories on BELONGING

Accounts of the ways in which God led six people out of the isolation imposed by divorce, blindness, economic shortfall, stutteing, poor self-image, and age.
There's power inherent in telling people the truth—spiritual power.

Safe when exposed to contagion

Even if you've already been in the presence of contagious disease, there's something you can do to protect yourself. It's never too late to pray.

Anger tamed

Sometimes it's about "turning the other cheek." Sometimes it's about admitting you're at fault. But the antidote to anger always draws on the power of real love.
The Figure Skating Competitions in the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah, left the sport with which I've been associated for more than 25 years in disarray.

Rumors worth spreading

When an avid reader of Christian books heard that I'd found Philip Yancey's 17th book tough going at times, she challenged me boldly: "The give me one good reason why I should read it.
I WRITE THIS BY CANDLELIGHT —pen in one hand, candle in the other.
Testimony of Healing

I began to see how impossible it was for there to be any diseased, painful, harmful, or destructive element in what God had made.


Feeling close to God brings healing

Reading the book Science and Health has brought healing into my life in so many ways.
Testimony of Healing

Her youth did not hold her back

I attended a technical high school and graduated with a diploma in accounting.
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We're actually spiritual beings—not born into sin, or victims of genetic "bad data."

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