Why choose PRAYER?

A longtime Christian healer explains why.

RECENTLY I READ AN ACCOUNT in the Sentinel about a woman who was thrown from her bike when a dog bit her leg (see Christian Science Sentinel, April 15, 2002, pp. 23—24). This resulted in broken bones, unconsciousness, loss of blood and flesh, and gangrene. But in less than a month, she was healed and as active as before. Instead of medical attention, this woman chose Christian Science treatment from a spiritual healer. The woman and her husband prayed, too.

What impressed me even more than this woman's quick recovery was her mental attitude: She was grateful, calm, buoyant, loving, certain of healing. As I read her report of healing, I found myself marking points with my yellow highlighter—things such as these:

It's natural to heal others
May 27, 2002

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