Special delivery

"Three days later I went into labor naturally."

Expecting A Child is a wonderful experience. The growing in both thought and body, the movement of the child inside, and the anticipation of meeting the new baby are a source of continual wonder and surprise. But when a woman is pregnant for the first time, it seems that everyone has some expert advice to offer. During my first pregnancy, I found it best to turn to God instead of "expert" advice, and to expect good—the good God gives.

Midway through the pregnancy, the midwife diagnosed anemia. Over several of our scheduled prenatal visits, the lack of an essential element in my blood seemed to worsen. Eventually she prescribed a supplement to increase what was missing, and then another supplement to help my body handle the first supplement. Because of my decision to rely wholly on God for healing and support throughout the pregnancy, I did not take the supplements, but I did pray daily with a Christian Science practitioner.

To be really rich
May 8, 2000

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