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Innocence: a trusty shield

Have You Ever sat calmly before a full-grown lioness? I found it an unforgettable experience. We had taken our five-year-old to the Lion Park. As we drove through the gate, the attendant reminded us not to leave our car and to keep the windows closed. He also warned us that a certain lioness loved to clamber aboard visitors' cars, but provided we obeyed the rules, she would cause no harm.

We soon caught up with a line of vehicles brought to a temporary halt by the venturesome lioness. We were just in time to see her spring to the roof of a station wagon ahead of us, her tail swinging behind the rear window, much to the delight of the kids inside. She then clambered aboard our "Beetle." Gazing at us blandly through the windshield, her huge yellow eyes held no violence, but a kind of indifferent puzzlement. After a few moments she left us for the next car in line.

Are you getting to be "that" age?
February 14, 2000

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