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"Mirror, mirror on the wall"

DO you remember the story of Snow White? The tale includes a wicked queen who was self-absorbed in her beauty. Enchanted by a magic mirror, she would ask, "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?" When the mirror gave the queen the answer she sought, she was quite happy. But when the mirror began answering that Snow White was the fairest, the queen was enraged and plotted to kill her. Her machinations resulted in the temporary poisoning of Snow White and her own demise.

Only a children's story? How many of us find happiness or disappointment by what we see in our mirrors? Is a material reflection of your body consuming your time and thought? If so, you can drop such consumption, which can bring dread, longing, fear of the future, or even self-satisfied self-absorption. The beauty, joy, and well-being we all seek are found through an understanding of Spirit, God, and our actual identity as His image, or reflection.

Testimony of Healing
Feeling divine Love's presence ends fear and illness
April 12, 1999

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