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A Man I Know was in desperate circumstances.


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items of interest

items of interest

"I've Watched Guys.

Self-destructive behavior: a way out

"How would you respond if you discovered that someone you knew was hurting himself or herself?" You'll find helpful suggestions here in response to this tough question.

When the I is rightly placed

Have you noticed—unite becomes untiewhen the i is wrongly placed?

God helps, not hinders

When her young daughter developed a nervous habit, this mom had some soul-searching to do. Reaching out to God in prayer brought healing for mother and daughter alike.

Taxes and the divine economy

Nothing feels better than being honest, even if you have to pay a price for it.

"What's it take not to quit?"

This year's congress of Vision New England explored what's required to stick with God's work, to remain in His service through thick and thin. What they came up with has application to any worthwhile endeavor.
If you're exasperated by others' indifference to the environment, here's a better way to respond.
He ran up a mountain taller than the Empire State Building and didn't feel tired at the end of the race. Find out how he did it.
Globalization: the human price,the spiritual rewardsNow I see clearlyIt was hopeless,so I trusted God

"Mirror, mirror on the wall"

Ever done something really stupid in order to improve your looks? This author did, but he learned a lot—and found healing—in the process.
Testimony of Healing

As I left church, I felt very much better, and two or three days later I was completely healed.

Testimony of Healing

Swelling and inflammation healed

Recently I was visiting my youngest daughter, her husband, and their four children for a week.
Testimony of Healing

Prayer heals lump in breast

I trusted God to heal me completely, and He did.

Testimony of Healing

When I awoke at four the next morning, I was free of the problem.


Stop and smell the flowers

Wow, I thought, it really is ridiculous to believe that I can suffer from beautiful plants, trees, grass, or flowers.



The garden is my place for peace and serenity.

Undeteriorating intelligence

The Word of God, rather than brainpower, is the unlimited source of intelligence.

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