Healing following a boating accident

Last summer I attended the "Pioneers of the Spiritual Millennium" meeting in Boston. College students and faculty from all over the world came together to learn how to be pioneers in sharing spirituality and Truth with everyone. The weekend before the conference, I was in a boating accident. Immediately afterward, I just laughed at the situation and knew I was fine and was always in God's care. By the time I arrived in Boston, three days later, however, I was in pain from head to toe and had great difficulty walking. The second day in Boston I knew I needed help. I spoke with a Christian Science practitioner who was also attending the conference, and she said she would pray with me all day. Several times we ran across one another as we moved about during the conference. Each time she asked of my progress, I could only report I was feeling worse.

The next day things looked pretty bad. Not only was I suffering from the accident, I had also been suffering from an apparently fractured toe for several months, which made walking extremely painful. While searching for the practitioner, I ran into a friend. She was helping me look for the practitioner, but soon saw that I needed comforting. I explained the situation to her, and immediately she began declaring truths. She reminded me that I was God's child and could never be out of His care. Nothing can ever be broken or hurt, since we are the perfect reflection of God. Although she said many wonderful truths to me, that's not what stuck out. What meant the most to me was how strongly she believed what she was saying to me. Here was a peer, a college student, who believed wholeheartedly in the healing truth. That meant more to me than can be put into words.

Epilepsy healed
November 8, 1999

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