"Instead of thinking or saying to children, you're not old enough to do this or that, we should see all children as capable of expressing all good."

A love for all mankind; a sense of humor; turning the other cheek; a calm, non-reacting nature; study of First Peter, chapter 2, and Psalms 23 and 91; not giving in to thoughts of disgust, dismay, resentment; and not being afraid—these have all helped protect me from violence.

A student once threatened me. I suspected that he might bring a firearm to school, and the principal didn't seem responsive, so I asked a Christian Science practitioner for help. I will never forget the instant good behavior of all students in the classroom the very day after I had telephoned the practitioner. The boy's parents told me they were at the end of their rope and were attending "tough love" classes to learn how to deal with him. Throughout this experience I did not give in to anger, resentment, or fear. I continued to love, love, love impartially every one of my students. Eventually the boy's attitude changed for the better, and he passed the course.

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items of interest
September 7, 1998

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