When you're on the highway, what are you thinking?

Prayer behind the wheel paves the way for safe travel.

Emotional reactions don't help when we're trying to conduct business or to work through family challenges. And they certainly don't add anything to anyone's safety when we're driving a car. Fear, anxiety, and annoyance—negative reactions of any kind—make us confused and indecisive. Yet, the more our thinking becomes spiritualized—the more we feel and understand our relation to God—the more the divine control over all life becomes apparent. The recognition comes that nothing can interfere with the natural harmony of God and His creation. Understanding this relationship is the source of our peace and safety on the road.

But to experience this peace more frequently requires praying not just when we're faced with a difficulty. It means growing spiritually so that we consistently realize the presence of God. It is important to utilize every moment—even while cruising along the highway—to learn more of God's all-powerful, ever-present love and His universal control.

"Get out of here! This is my house!"
February 16, 1998

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