Living without fear, a sure possibility

Our isolated campsite couldn't have been better: rivers, trees, mountains, the bluest sky, the brightest sunshine. We were in awe just being there. But the second night I became really frightened as heavy winds and rain whipped our small tent. Struggling to be calm, I thought of other times I'd been afraid: driving in blizzards, waiting out violent storms, seeing a child choke. I knew that God had brought us comfort, safety, and healing in those situations, yet here I was afraid again.

I reasoned that if God had protected me before, He would help me now. Next came this strengthening thought: "God does not make fear. Therefore, how could I, as His child, have it?" Still, I wondered if I would actually be able to understand that since God knew nothing of fear, I couldn't either. I prayed with conviction, and with a deepening joy, that only God, Love, could be present, and that His presence destroys fear and danger.

September 30, 1996

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