When I was a teenager, I once closed a car door on my bare foot

When I was a teenager, I once closed a car door on my bare foot. I immediately said aloud "the scientific statement of being" from Science and Health (see p. 468), which I had learned in the Christian Science Sunday School. As I still had difficulty walking, my father, who is not a Christian Scientist, took me to the emergency room for X-rays. The doctor told us the foot was broken, but because of the type of injury, it would not be possible to put a cast on it. I was told to come back at a later date to see if it would then be possible to do so.

After returning home, I studied Science and Health and read hymns from the Christian Science Hymnal. Although I still limped from the injury, later the next afternoon, as I walked across the room, I felt the bones in my foot moving into place. There was an audible crack, but no pain. By the time I returned to the doctor for my follow-up visit, I was walking normally. The doctor couldn't tell which foot had been broken and remarked that I was a "good little healer."

May 20, 1996

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