In 1949, while my husband was working in the Office of Naval Procurement,...

In 1949, while my husband was working in the Office of Naval Procurement, we lived in the Chicago area. We sat on benches in a large hanger to see each new movie. There were open doors, but each time I had no trouble with symptoms of hay fever while I was enjoying the movie. As we went to the car after the movie, however, I used medications to prevent the return of hay fever. At the same time, though, I began to question the need for taking these eye drops and nose drops when there were times that I didn't need them to be comfortable and happy.

My mother and oldest sister had become interested in Christian Science, and I also talked with a good friend of our family who was a dedicated student of Christian Science. One day I visited the Christian Science Reading Room in Park Ridge, Illinois, and bought a copy of Science and Health. I read it with an earnest desire to learn how to solve this predicament. I wanted to know how I could have been free of all symptoms of hay fever and asthma while watching the movie, but then anticipated the return of it as soon as I left.

Testimony of Healing
When I was a teenager, I once closed a car door on my bare foot
May 20, 1996

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