Work-related stress healed

Recently I felt such pressure in my job that I was impelled to pray. As I did, I realized that most of the stress I'd been feeling had been self-induced. And I recognized that I would be freed from this pressure only by seeing my identity as an unburdened idea of God, not as an overworked employee. I affirmed, through prayer, my rightful place as God's beloved child—always wanted and needed.

While I was praying, I drew up this imaginary classified advertisement:

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY: Spiritual idea of God to share in infinite blessings; continual health insurance; eternal pension plan; infinite growth potential; "prophet" sharing; unlimited benefits program. Room for everyone to apply—no experience required.

Before long, as a result of my prayer, I received another position right where I was already located, in a better office, and with a better schedule!

Michael Mastagni
Bakersfield, California

What are you going to be?
December 9, 1996

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