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For more than twenty years I had attacks of migraine that...

For more than twenty years I had attacks of migraine that made me suffer a great deal, and sometimes forced me to stay in bed for two or three days. There were times in which these attacks lasted for two weeks, preventing me from carrying out my duties as a mother and teacher. During one attack I passed out in the classroom in front of my students, who were frightened and ran out looking for help.

When I wasn't yet a Christian Scientist, I consulted several doctors, but did not find the complete healing of these headaches that I so desired. The diagnoses were varied: nervousness, liver problems, sinusitis, stress, worries. The medicines prescribed brought me no relief. One doctor, the last one I consulted, told me that, at the onslaught of a crisis, I should take thirty drops of a painkiller and a tranquilizer and go to bed. If the pain did not yield, he said, it would be better not to take any other medicine, because of various aftereffects; I would be better off to endure the pain until everything went away naturally. It became clear to me that even he did not believe in the medicines.

June 26, 1995

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