Finding freedom through forgiveness

A Woman had been divorced for many years, but she still seemed to suffer much emotional pain from the memory of the actions of her ex-husband. To make matters worse, some of his present behavior was causing their son difficulty as well.

During this time, the woman often pondered the Bible story of Lot and his wife (see Gen., chap. 19). Lot was told by an angel to take his family and flee Sodom and Gomorrah since those cities were to be destroyed. The angel told Lot that they were not to look back over their shoulders at the destruction. Lot's wife did look back and was turned into a pillar of salt. Considering what the lesson might be for her in this story, the woman felt it told her you can't go forward if you keep looking back, fascinated by some mess.

Terrorism, counterterrorism, and prayer
June 26, 1995

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